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I remember seeing this the day it was released, it seemed much more well made back then. Just popped into my head today and I wondered if it was still here.
A relic from simpler times.


How many ignorants are there that don't understand Jerry Jackson? Too many it seems.

Been watching these videos for years and they still make me laugh every time, genius work.

Great episode as always, keep em coming!


One of the best animated, best voiced, well told movies I've seen on newgrounds to date!

Please make a sequel, I'd love to see it, and I doubt I'm the only one who would too.

Good job, you deserve all the awards you get.

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Potentially a great game...

Just a few problems with bugs and stuff.

You already know about the lag problem so I wont drone on about that.

I also noticed a problem in the "Audio Options" on the main menu.
If you move the SFX bar first, it seems to lock and you cant click off the Audio Options popup. Meaning you need to refresh. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but its really annoying.

Also noticed a few comments down that you responded to a review with some actionscript to put into the console?
It might be me being stupid but where is this console/how do I access it?

Anyway, great game, will certainly replay when the problems have been fixed cause it looks like a lot of fun.

Best point 'n click adventure on NG

Very good series, shame this is the last one.
Liked how RS4 had some relevance at least :D

Hope to see more from you

I think...

I think the only reason these guys like this game is cause you can hold the mouse button down and it wont stop even if you don't follow the ball. SO getting extremely high scores is easy as long as you don't get bored holding the mouse.

Pretty pointless though
I got about 130,000 doing it then got bored, I'm ranked as Nova-Hawk.

Could be a good game if you added some extra things and removed the way to easily cheat

darktwsiter responds:

Im not really good with as2 this was a test to create a game with the knowledge i have :) and i removed most of the ways to hack :D

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